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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there plenty of parking available at Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows
    Absolutely! At Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows, we understand the importance of convenience for our guests. We have ample parking available onsite, and the best part is, it’s completely free! Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony, vow renewal, or any other special event with us, you can rest assured that parking will be hassle-free. We want your experience with us to be seamless from the moment you arrive, and the availability of free parking is just one of the many ways we strive to make your time with us enjoyable and stress-free.
  • What makes Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows unique compared to other wedding planning services?
    Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows is unique in that we specialize in creating personalized and intimate ceremonies that reflect the love story of each couple. Instead of offering cookie-cutter packages, we take the time to get to know our clients and tailor every aspect of their wedding to their individual preferences and values. Our signature service involves writing personalized messages and vows, which are then enclosed in beautiful traditional or themed message bottles. We believe in creating unforgettable and meaningful experiences for our couples, and our attention to detail and personalization sets us apart from traditional wedding planning services.
  • Can I bring my own decorations or props to set up at my wedding ceremony with Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows
    Unfortunately, we do not allow decorations other than the ones we provide to be set up at our ceremonies. This includes tables, chairs, aisle décor, or any other additions to our packages. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own bridal bouquet and bouquets for the wedding party. Additionally, you may also bring signs or props to incorporate into the ceremony. We want to ensure a consistent and cohesive aesthetic for all our weddings, and our team is dedicated to creating a beautiful and memorable experience for you and your guests. Thank you for understanding and for choosing Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows for your special day.
  • How far in advance are you taking bookings?
    At Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows, we are currently booking between now and the end of 2024. We understand the importance of planning ahead for your special day, and we are dedicated to accommodating our clients' needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to plan a romantic beachfront ceremony or eloping, having a commitment ceremony, getting married or renewing your wedding vows at our indoor Port Charlotte Florida wedding chapel venue, we are here to work with you to create the perfect experience. By securing your booking in advance, you can ensure that your preferred date and venue are available, and our team can begin collaborating with you to bring your unique vision to life. Contact us today to begin planning your dream wedding or vow renewal with Message In A Bottle Weddings And Vows.
  • Is there a place to change into my wedding dress?
    We generally ask our couples to arrive dressed and ready, but there are restroom facilities you are welcome to use to slip into your wedding clothes if needed.
  • Change of date, time or location:
    Our venue does not accept date, time or location changes once an official booking has been made. In order to change the agreed upon date and/or time, a new contract would need to be created and a new deposit would need to be made.
  • Our cancelation policy:
    In the event that you cancel your ceremony, the non-refundable deposit will not be refunded. If you have paid more than our required deposit, it will not be refunded.
  • Pricing & Packages:
    All prices, services, policies, and procedures are subject to change without notice. If there is a price increase or price decrease or product change after you have made a deposit on a ceremony, it will not affect your price or the elements of your package. Your package and price will remain as described in your confirmation.
  • I’m planning a vow renewal rather than a wedding. Can I still book a package at the chapel?
    You sure can! You would follow the same procedures as booking a wedding, except that you won’t need a marriage license or legal paperwork of any kind.
  • What is the capacity of Wedding Chapel?
    Our Venue Can Accommodate Up To 60 Guests depending on which wedding chapel room you select.
  • Is There An Officiant On Site?
    Yes. The Officiant Is Included In The Pricing.
  • Can We Use Our Own Officiant?
    Yes. If There Is Someone You Would Prefer To Marry You, That Individual Is Welcome To Come And Perform Your Ceremony At The Chapel.
  • Can We Have A Wedding Party?
    Yes. You May Have A Small Wedding Party With No More Than 3 People On Each Side.
  • How early should we arrive?
    We ask that everyone arrives 15 minutes befoe there sceduled ceremony time.
  • Change of venue:
    We do not accept venue changes once a deposit has been made. In order to change venues a new contract would need to be created and your deposit would not be refunded nor applied toward a new package price.
  • Can I Use My License From Another State To Get Married There?
    No! Marriage Licenses Cannot Cross State Lines. You Must Get Married In The State In Which Your License Was Issued.
  • The Couple Must Arrive On Time.
    This Is Very Importance Because We Often Host More Than One Wedding In A Day And It Is Very Likely There May Be Another Wedding Scheduled Shortley Before Or After Yours.
  • Any Couple Arriving Late
    Any Couple Arriving 15 Minutes Late Or More May Need To Have Their Ceremony Rescheduled. All Monies Paid Become Non-Refundable. The Time Allotment Is Very Strict. Please Note Your Ceremony Will Still End At Its Originally Scheduled Time, Even If It Starts Late.
  • How much time do we have:
    The Space Has Been Reserved Exclusively For Your Use For The Amount Of Time Designated By Your Package.
  • What do we need in order to get married?
    You only need two things to get married at our wedding chapel venue. A Marriage License. A Valid Marriage License Is Required To Get Married In Florida. We Cannot Issue Your Marriage License. The Couple Must Bring Their Valid Marriage License And Photo Id On The Date Of The Ceremony. Ceremony Will Absolutely Not Take Place Without It. No Exceptions.
  • Dressing Rooms
    The Couple Must Come Fully Dressed. There Are No Accommodations For Dressing At The Chapel.
  • Final Payments.
    Final Payments Are Due 10 Bussiness Days Before Your Date. Before By 10 AM.
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